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What I did before :


- Founder of Dogbox Studio - Video game development.​

- Design teacher​​​ 2D/3D at Aries 3D, Toulouse.

- Lead Artist at​​​​​​​ Studio 42​​​​​​ for "My body coach".

- Technical director associated at​​​ Ubisoft​​​​ for Redsteel 2 on Wii.

- 3D Artist at​​​​​ Ubisoft for "Rayman et Les Lapins Crétins 2" on Wii (preprod / team training / prod / debug), Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on Xbox 360 ( Prod / graphical backup / debug), RedSteel on Wii (preprod / team training / prod / debug).

- Art director at Amazonia communication. Advertising campaigns for clients like : Air France, Toyota, WWF...

- Freelance Executive producer / Consulting

. Virtual Reality - Oculus / Vive / Cardboard / Gear

. 3D Real Time - Video game - Serious Game - Apps - Gamification

. CGI - animation/movie - Illustration - Special effects 

Have a look to some of my greatest references >>

- 3D Technical trainer in video game and 3D industry.

. For schools

. For Studios


Hi, I'm Fabien TOGMAN, from France.

I worked for many years for the video game industry as a 3D artist (characters, environements, etc...). I also worked as an art director in advertising agencies.

Then I became a technical team leader in companies such as Studio 42 or Ubisoft.


After a while, I decided to train students to prepare them to live their dreams and become 3D artists in the CG industry.

I met great profiles and talents and I decided to choose one of them to create DogBox Studio. We managed to bake 3 games within two years and to work with important partners in France.


Today, Dogbox isn't anymore and I continue to work for the video game such as the CG industries as a freelancer in many fields.


Feel free to contact me.

Who am I ?

My actual position :

My curriculum

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